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What are we looking for?

  • Individuals aged between 18-19 for a variety of audits.
  • Dedicated, reliable, detail-focused and self-motivated applicants.
  • Those with a desire to explore the their local area.
  • Students looking for a sidehustle to earn some extra money.

The Role

We are recruiting compliance auditors between the ages of 18-19 to perform audits to a range of sites acrossthe UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. These audits can be to supermarkets, bars and betting shops and the Serve Legal employee is required to visit these sites and report back on a specific compliance issue.

This is a part-time, flexible role, which is ideal to fit in and around other work or studies. Jobs are allocated and paid on a per audit basis. Auditors are offered work and it is expected that they will let their Area Manager know if they are not available for work. There is no obligation to complete work every week, but once work is accepted, it is expected that it will be completed by the deadline given.

Talented Serve Legal auditors have gone on to management and directoral positions within the organisation. Some are employed to accompany new auditors while training. Others start or continue in Further or Higher Education, and many go on to pursue successful careers elsewhere. Serve Legal's growth into wider non-age-related services means we can now extend opportunities for older auditors and provide a longer career progression path.

What would you be involved in?

  • Age Verification related and wider customer experience 'mystery shopper' audits.
  • Flexible working to fit around studies, work or other personal commitments. 

How would I benefit from this?

  • Work in your own time and earn money alongside your studies. 
  • Add unqiue work experience to your CV - demonstrating independent management and self motivation.
  • FREE drinks, food shops, day trips and cinema tickets!
  • Be a part of a nationwide community. 
  • Benefit from bonuses, free social events, competitions and prizes!
  • Opportunities for job development and career progression.
  • We are accredited as a Youth Friendly Employer
  • Our Glassdoor rating is 4.4 out of 5! Click here to see our reviews!
Connect with us:

Don't believe us? Hear directly from our auditors:

“Serve legal is a great side gig for those that are looking to make some extra cash when you’re available. Days aren’t set so you can work around your own schedule.”

 “I had so many audits I honestly never had to buy my own food, it was an enormous saving.”

“Serve Legal is great for Uni students who are moving to a new area; great way to get around and get to know a place better.”

“The role is flexible and work is easy- ideal for a university student.”

“For the work that is involved the pay rate is very good.”

Auditor Satisfaction Survey, 2024

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What you need in order to apply...

  • A photo of your primary form of ID
  • Evidence of Right To Work - this could be a UK or Irish passport or birth certificate, plus visa/settled status details required for the country you are applying from
  • A recent, date-stamped selfie (so we know you look young enough for our age-verification work)
  • A smartphone (so you can download our app and WhatsApp which we predominately use to communicate with auditors)
  • To be willing to geotag your location whilst out doing audits (so we know you went to the right place!)
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Still want more information?

Are you still looking for some more details? Having trouble sending through your application? Get in touch with our team!